Cast Iron Bear


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Antique A.M. Nacht Cast Iron Figural BEAR Fireplace Tools 4pc SET

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Antique Rare Albany Figural Little Bedtime Boy & Teddy Bear Doorstop Cast Iron

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cast iron & brass door stoppers BRASS CATS GERMAN SHEPPARD DOG HORSE BEARS ETC

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Antique old British VR crown Cast Iron Bear type PADLOCK Key Victorian era

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antique rod iron piece may have been planter with bear and wheels

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Rare Cast Iron Paperweight Circus Bear named Henry - Hubley

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Used John Wright Cast Iron Teddy Bear Cornbread Muffin Bread MOLD soap

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Bronzed Cast Iron Bear Figurine - 7"

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CAST IRON 'Bear' DOOR KNOCKER 5.5" high 4.25" wide Great Cabin Look HOME DECOR

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BEAR WELCOME SIGN HOOK rustic cast iron 7-1/2" Lodge Cabin

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2 Cast Iron Rustic BEAR Coat Hooks Moose WELCOME Plaque Sign Hat Hook, Key Rack

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Cast Iron 2.5" Black Bear egg cup holder pipe stand? - Walter Bosse Inspired!

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Antique Cast Iron Pot Grizzly Bear Lid

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Antique Bear Cub Paperweight Advertising Cast Iron & Celluloid Saddle

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Antique-Style BEAR Shaped Wind Chime Bell Cast Iron & Steel Garden Patio

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